Seeing the frenchie after almost 3 years. Xo regram @anzevino
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More small paintings on my website - check it out. Email me if interested shipping out paintings before I leave town next week!
10th Jul 201415:01

Painting and photograph by Wyatt Hough
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Painting and photograph by Wyatt Hough
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Romantic pose 1
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Such a doll @chrisaracho
6th Jul 201408:59
New paintings for sale - // postcard paintings coming soon
1st Jul 201414:18
Friday evening
27th Jun 201423:42
Still in big sur #mentally
Karlie in band of outsiders! @cfda
2nd Jun 201422:09
The gang
2nd Jun 201401:44
Flea market friend (at Melrose & Fairfax Flea Market)
1st Jun 201418:41

Me, Wyatt Hough, portrait, fashion designer, artist
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Opaque  by  andbamnan